Terms and Conditions


This page contains the Terms and Conditions for both:-

  • Use of Newton Cross Country Course
  • Competing at The Spinal Research Unaffiliated Dressage Competition 2016

When you tick the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions, on purchasing sessions on Newton Cross Country Course, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions for using Newton Cross Country Course below.

When you tick the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions,on purchasing entries to the Spinal Research Dressage competition, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions for Spinal Research Unaffiliated Charity Dressage Competition 2016 below.

Terms and Conditions for using Newton Cross Country Course

1. Hire rate: On application. Clubs, groups etc. by negotiation.

  • All horses brought to the course must be paid for. (This includes hacking horses)
  • All horses and riders must have paid before they go onto the Cross Country Course.
  • If you wish to change or cancel your booking you will need to contact the Bede Events Office on 01949 829 061 or by email on contact@newtoncrosscountry.co.uk

2. Horse riding over cross country courses is an inherently dangerous activity” and riders   must:

a) Walk the course and inspect the fences prior to using the course and generally satisfy themselves as to their own proficiency and ability to use the course safely. It is warranted that in the case of a parent/guardian/instructor signing on behalf of a rider of 16 years or under; they must inspect the course prior to using it and satisfy themselves of the rider’s competency and ability to negotiate the course safely, accepting full responsibility for the rider, who is using it at their own risk.

b) Wear a crash helmet and back protector of current BE standard whilst using the course.

c) This course is constructed in accordance with BE recommendations regarding safety.

d) Be accompanied by another person whilst using the course in case of an accident.

Any rider, or signatory on behalf of a rider, ignoring the above safety regulations does so at his/her own risk and Newton Cross Country Course Ltd accept no responsibility for ensuring that any user of the course complies with the above safety regulations.

3. Dogs are only allowed on the course on a lead.

4. Nearest telephone:-
Bede Events Office, 5 Manor Lane, Shelford

Please take your mobile down to the course.

5. First Aid Kit is available at Bede Events Office

6. Whilst every care has been taken in the construction and design of the course and bearing in mind the inherently dangerous nature of this activity, Newton Cross Country Course Ltd (the Manager) or G. W. Fisher & Son (the owner) cannot accept any liability whatsoever for loss or damage whether due to the negligence or breach of contract of the owner, its servants, agents or howsoever caused to the rider’s property or horses

7. All riders must make prior arrangements with Newton Cross Country Course Ltd or their or their representative by telephone before using the course and must unbox at Shelford Manor unless otherwise agreed.

8. Riders must not use the course until a signature agreeing to these conditions is received by Newton Cross Country Course Ltd.

Terms & Conditions for Spinal Research Unaffiliated Charity Dressage Competition 2016

Competition Rules:
This competition is run in accordance with British Dressage Rules.
Correct dress must be worn for all classes. CRASH HATS: must be worn with chin strap fastened at all times when mounted. Hats must comply with the BE Hat rules.
No galloping in the warm up area.
No stallions or colts except with prior permission.
Cars, lorries and trailers must be parked in the allocated car-parks.
Horses and ponies are not to be left unattended unless correctly secured inside the trailer/horsebox. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a short lead at all
Please clean up any waste/rubbish.
All accidents must be immediately reported to the organisers.
Persons participating in the competition or attending the event do so at their own risk.
Any objections must be made within 15 minutes of completion of the class and accompanied by a deposit of £20.
The organiser, any agent, employee or representative of Bede Events Ltd do not hold themselves responsible for any loss, damage or injury (including death) to competitors, onlookers, spectators, their property, horse or vehicle in connection with any event. Condition of entry onto the property where the event is held is that entrants and spectators shall agree to indemnify the organisers, agents, employees or representatives against any action arising from thereafter. All competitors must have their own personal and third party insurance and provide documentary evidence of such cover if requested to do so by the organiser. The organisers reserve the right to cancel, limit, divide or amalgamate any class. The organisers of the event have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For those measures to be effective, everyone must obey the instructions of the
organiser, officials and stewards.