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The course will shut on 3rd November . 

Please contact +44 (0) 1949 829 061 if you have any issues

Events Dates for 2017

Newton Competitions We will be running 4 eventer trials in June, July and August.  These are informal days, aimed at young horses and/or inexperienced riders. The competitions will run from 12 noon until 8pm to allow for after work/school entries. Schedules will be available shortly.   Dates as follows: Tuesday 27th June, Wednesday 5th July, 17th July & 2nd August. 

Horse Trials

Oasby(1) 9 – 12 March Belton 31 March – 1 April Shelford(1) 28 – 29 May Shelford U/A 30 May Shelford(2) 16 – 17 August Donington 27 – 28 August Osberton 27 Sep – 1 Oct Oasby(2) 14 – 15 October

Please use the code finalfling50 to gain 50% discount from 23/10/17 – 03/11/2017

The whole course is now available to jump.  We are planning to move some jumps and maybe add some, in a couple of weeks, so will have a bit of a new look, keep an eye on the website for further details.  Jumps of all sizes available – fun  for all ages and capabilities