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Events Dates for 2018

Newton Competitions We will be running 3 eventer trials in June, July and August.  These are informal days, aimed at young horses and/or inexperienced riders. The competitions will run from 12 noon until 8pm to allow for after work/school entries. Schedules will be available shortly.   Dates as follows: Tuesday 19th June, Thursday 12th July and Tuesday 7th August. 

Horse Trials

Oasby(1) 8 – 11 March Belton Int 13th – 15th April Shelford(1) 27 – 28 May Shelford U/A 29 May BCA 9 – 10 June Osborne House 25 – 26 July  Firle 18 – 19 August Shelford(2) 25 – 27 August  Osberton Int 26 – 30 Sep Oasby(2) 13 – 14 October

Course is open from Saturday 2nd June! 

Don’t forget the first Newton Eventer Trial is on Tuesday 19th June! CLICK HERE FOR TIMES

 Click on the competition page for more information.


The course is now mostly open, with some areas strung off to preserve ground.  We are planning to move some jumps and maybe add some, in a couple of weeks, so will have a bit of a new look, keep an eye on the website for further details.  Jumps of all sizes available – fun  for all ages and capabilities